Workplace Attitude Research

Workplace Attitude Research

Workbar asked: How do people feel about their physical work environment?


Primary research based on interviews and observations of people  working in remote areas (primarily coffeeshops). The interviews were distilled to bring out insights of different persona.


A presentation with both primary and secondary research geared  towards enterprise clients.


Discovered the common thread of avoiding distractions while  performing certain work tasks, resulting in the need for a place to


With this research, WorkBar was able to target its offering towards enterprise organizations, where many other co-working facilities have not ventured. As a result, WorkBar has increased its membership over 20% and is expanding into new locations.

Catalytic took our raw concepts and molded them into a cohesive blueprint and clear set of messaging. Both enabled us to clarify our strategy and enter into key partnerships. Catalytic’s process is as important as the end results. Through collaborative methods they extracted key internal insights and then layered in quantifiable direct research to support our ideas. The finished work was delivered in a set of living visual presentations that we continue to build on and utilize daily.”
Bill Jacobson, CEO Workbar