We provide the spark. You bask in the warmth.

We combine a collaborative process with design to discover insights, develop communication strategies, tools, and deliver results. Here’s how we accomplish that:


CATALYTIC knows that sometimes hands-on experience is all it takes for a company to understand and embrace change and make a marked impact on business results. We offer a number of hands-on workshops, ranging in length from one hour to multiple days in the following areas: Storytelling, Presentation Design, Visual Communication, and Innovation.

Change Communications

CATALYTIC creates change initiatives by blending instructional design, visual thinking, organizational communication and innovation experience.

Training Programs

Unlock the power of your employees! Our team of consultants are also educators and can help you get the right training program in place so your employees are rock-stars.

Engagement Strategies

Reaching new customers and engaging existing customers area big challenges. We use insights about consumers’ real needs and define how to successfully compete in markets. CATALYTIC develops customized go-to-market communication programs and tools to connect your organization to your audience.

Strategy and Visioning

Many companies have a strategic plan, yet it’s rare that it is clearly understood and acted upon, company-wide. Through a unique combination of consulting, research, and visual communication tools, CATALYTIC can help you —and your organization— realize your vision.


We ask questions. We take notes. We discover insights. We learn everything we can about your target audience and help you discover unique insights that can drive impact to your business.